Let's get a little
fresh air

Many of us are challenged to find time for adequate fresh air and exercise, and yet the evidence is clear: exercise is good for our brains and our emotional health, in addition to our bodies. Some clients find it easier to talk while walking.

If the weather cooperates I am happy to conduct individual therapy sessions outside, while we walk. My office is near a quiet neighborhood and park in Issaquah. Please be aware: going for a walk while we work could compromise your confidentiality as my client.

“The richness of your words conveys a deep understanding and care for those around you.”

Regardless of the challenges bringing you to see me, I will work with you to establish a positive sense of yourself. Healthy self-esteem requires taking a realistic view of your whole self. We will explore and celebrate your unique strengths and gifts, and I will work with you to lovingly accept and incorporate those elements of your personality or your history you tend to reject. You will learn to draw strength from these parts of yourself as well.

We will set attainable goals, tackle unrealistic expectations of perfection, and cast off negative messages you may have received from others. We will identify concrete steps you can take to bring about a fulfilling and satisfying life, knowing you deserve nothing less.

*** I am sorry, I am not taking new clients at this time. ***

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